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Good afternoon, distinguished leaders and guests, my dear students and colleagues. It is my great honor to be given the opportunity to share my experiences at AABC on behalf of the staff.

These days, while preparing for the 10th anniversary celebration, whenever I looked through the photos that recorded every significant moment in AABC’s history, I was always overwhelmed by memories of those unforgettable days. I still remember my first visit to our college which was only an office then still in the process of getting established.

How can you imagine today’s AABC, such a successful joint program in China with thousands of students and graduates home and overseas has evolved from just a small office. What made all this possible?

On this very important occasion, we feel strongly grateful for those who made contributions to the rapid growth of AABC. It was the vision of leaders of both universities that sowed the seed of cooperation in the fertile soil. It’s their continuous support that sheltered the wind and storm from the tender shoot. It’s the wisdom and courage of AABC leaders that ensure the tree grow upright. It’s the devotion and confidence of the staff that foster the tree into a shading plant. It’s the diligence and perseverance of our students that bring us a fruitful harvest of their success. Let’s say “thank you “ to these people for what has been done.

It’s not just a grateful moment, but also a reflective one. Looking back on the days working at AABC, I feel I have gained a lot academically and culturally. I know this kind of feeling is shared both by LU and VU teachers.

We are lucky to be able to get access to both eastern and western education systems from which we have drawn essence of one another that in turn pushes ourselves to an ever- higher level of scholarship. Over the journey, deep friendships have been formed among LU and VU teachers.

Through culture workshops conducted by AABC, VU teachers got to know more about Chinese culture and developed intense interests in it and strong love for China. At the workshop, our VU colleagues were shown the magnificent beauty of great China, indulged themselves in the fresh fragrance of Chinese tea and were amazed at the elegance of Chinese traditional dress——Qi Pao.

While LU staff stayed in Melbourne, we received the same warm hospitality. We were delighted to enjoy a cultural feast along with the professional development. The history of Australia drew us closer to this rich and diverse continent. The aboriginal art attracted us with its unique colors and designs. The 12 Apostles and the Golden Beaches made us admire the magic power of the Creator’s hands.

The culture exchange and acknowledgement shortens the distance between us and while still appreciating our distinctive ways of thinking due to our differences in culture, we’ve learned how to work well with each other towards our common goal. The positive working mechanism enables us to overcome difficulties and has brought us to where we are today.

The most enjoyable thing for teachers is to hear of the good news of their students. I think the teachers in the program will agree with me about the wonderful student outcomes from this program. We are excited when we got to know many AABC graduates were admitted to such famed schools as London school of Economics and Political Science, ANU, Melbourne, Tsinghua and Beijing universities and so on. We are pleased to see our students make achievements on their posts in various social sectors. We are proud of you, our dear students. You make us realize teaching is a glorious and rewarding profession.

At the end of my speech, I’d like to express the common wish held by all the staff. May there be even greater prosperity of AABC in the future! And may even more success come to our students!













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