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President Cheng, Honorable Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

People say that university is for the cultivation of talents, and I have indeed been deeply edified by the cultivation of Liaoning University. The life at AABC has helped me learn many important things that I can benefit from for the rest of my life. Today, along with the merriment of AABC’s tenth birthday, I would like to share one of them with everybody, which is the realization that ‘college is a start, not and end’.

The moment I stepped into the campus of Liaoning University on the enrollment day, I instantly fell in love with this place. Being stuck in a stingy high school yard for many years, I was astonished by the beauty and the size of our campus. Frankly speaking, it was the first time I’ve stepped into a campus that I couldn’t see the end. Moreover, the friendliness of new schoolmates and the kindness of elder students made me feel new but familiar, excited but warm. On that particular day, I made a decision, which was to make my university life a new beginning of my life.

I felt kind of lucky in my new life, because I have made excellent new friends, met with amazing new teachers, and, I can even start a new life with another language! With all these privileges, I began the process of realizing my ideal college life, which is being a top student, starting a rock band, and getting a part-time job. For about 10 months, other than attending to classes during week days, I had to teach English at a language school from 10:30 in the morning to 7:10 in the evening on weekends. Besides this, I also needed to spend some regular time with my band and prepare for a variety of shows. To tell the truth, it wasn’t easy trying to accomplish three tasks together, but what is easy in life anyway? I guess my counselor recognized my ability of enduring strain; I was honored to be recommended as a volunteer of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games at the Bird’s Nest and was granted as ‘the most vigorous volunteer’ by the Provincial Youth League Committee at the end of the services.

I have always been grateful for the precious opportunities in my new life. Experiences have helped me learn that opportunity is a treasure, like any other treasure, it will never be simply ‘given’. People have to seek for it, instead of waiting, and by the time it comes, it will only be offered to the ones who are ready. Like the French chemist Louis Pasteur has said, ‘Fortune favors the prepared mind’. The four-year college life, from another perspective, is an opportunity to start over and it will reward those who are prepared. Successfully entering a college is indeed a remarkable achievement of a person’s life, but it is never the final achievement. Each step taken is the foundation for the next, if we can regard college as a new beginning and have the courage to start over and seize the valuable chances, there will be no stopping us!

In the end, though it may be childish, I would like to quote from Master Wu Gui in the cartoon Kong Fu Panda, ‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift and that is why it’s called present’. If I remembered correctly, there is a clip board on the second floor of Ze Xing Building that says, ‘Quality is a journey, not a destination’. Well, my friend, college is the same.












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